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Lock Changes

Just moved into a new house? Concerned with who may have a key?

Did you know that its often a condition of your home insurance that you have the locks changed upon moving into a new property?

At HT Locksmiths we carry a full stock of all the locks commonly found in the local area so we can change the locks throughout your new property easily and at an affordable price.

Many of our locks can also be keyed alike from the back of our van so you can use the same key throughout your home.

Security Improvements

Concerned your home security may not be up to current standards?

What was once considered secure may no longer provide much resistance to attack from determined burglars. We are happy to pop around and provide a home security assessment free of charge. With a full range of modern high security and insurance compliant BS3621 locks we can make sure you are secure in your home for years to come. 

UPVC and Composite Multipoint Locks

Are you having trouble locking/unlocking your uPVC or composite door? 

If your door has become difficult to lock don't put off getting it fixed. We can repair and service all multipoint doors restoring function before they reach a critical point and break. Don't worry if it has stopped working completely as even if the mechanism has broken we carry a full stock of replacements so can quickly get your door back working in an emergency.

Most uPVC doors can be restored to smooth function by realigning within the frame so don't hesitate to give us a call. 

Multipoint Mechanism
Window Locks/Handles

Are you having trouble locking your windows?

We can repair/replace the vast majority of uPVC window hardware. From window handles to the internal mechanisms and hinges, we can get your windows back to how they should be.