Beat the Burglars - Euro Cylinders

Modern UPVC and composite doors come with robust multipoint locking mechanisms. A combination of deadbolts, hooks, mushrooms or rollers, that when locked in place provide a very high level of security and hold the door firm into the frame. Controlled by the cylinder that sits into the central mechanism, the security can be easily overcome if this cylinder isn't of a decent standard. Weak at their central point, cylinders can be snapped and removed allowing the thief access to the central mechanism to unlock the door.

How can we stop this?

Firstly - Ensure that the cylinder fits well into the handles. Just under a 5mm protrusion is all they need to snap the lock. Having a well fitted lock can be enough to deter the thieves as they would need to remove the handle to get the protrusion they need, taking time and creating noise.

Secondly - Upgrade to an anti-snap cylinder. Using either a strengthened central core, or scarificial cuts along the barrel. These locks prevent the thief breaking the lock at the central point and gaining access to the mechanism.

Its your home, don't make it easy for them, Protect it.

Speak to us today about our free security assessments & buy 1 get 1 half price offer on anti-snap cylinders.

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