Smart Locks - How they can work for you. Part 1

There has been a lot of progress made in recent years on the development of "smart locks" for home security, and having worked with them professionally i thought i would take the time to give you the benefit of my experience.

There are many popular brands developing products that fit into the smart locks category, and i could go on for ages going through the options. In this post however i will keep to the options available from the Yale brand as i find them to be the most user friendly and easily recognisable.

Firstly what type of door are you looking to install a smart lock system on? Yale make two types of smart lock system to cover the vast majority of doors you will find today. The 'Conexis' system if for Multipoint mechanisms where you lift the handle to lock the door. While the 'Keyless' system is suited to wooden doors and is compatible with the majority of night latches fitted today.

Yale Conexis

Yale Conexis

Suitable with the majority of multipoint mechanisms found in modern UPVC and composite doors (more specifically those with a PZ of 92 that are operated by lifting the handle when locking). However Yale recommends its installation be paired with their 'Doormaster' multipoint mechanism to ensure its functionality and guarantee (most mechanisms can be swapped to a 'Doormaster' version quite easily).

What is the PZ? - this refers to the distance between the centre of the spindle and the centre of key way.

How the Conexis works: The system itself does not automatically lock and unlock your door. However it does make this process very simple and eliminates the need for a key. Usable with FOB, Tag, Card or Smart phone app locking and unlocking your door is very simple. When going out you simply lift the handle to engage the mechanism, and when returning home you simply use your chosen method for unlocking by touching it to the system, and depress the handle (remember to lift the handle when inside to re lock the door).

Yale Keyless

Yale Keyless

Compatible with the majority of modern night latches, or available with its own the 'Keyless' system. It fits in place of your existing cylinder and takes control of the latch the way the cylinder used to. As with all latches closing the door automatically engages the latch so nothing is required to activate the locking point. However, when returning, your chosen method of unlocking (similar to the Conexis, either a FOB, card or smart phone with the addition of a code option also available) is used to deactivate the mechanism so the handle can be turned and the latch retracted.

I hope you find this information useful and if you have any questions please feel free to email me at:

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